Global Package Tracking

How to track a package

If you have the tracking number, it is very easy to check the progress of your shipment. You can do it 24/7 and get results in just a few seconds. To do this, use our parcel tracking service:

  • Enter Tracking ID in the search field without any additional characters or spaces.

  • Press the search key to start package tracking.

  • Instantly get the history of the parcel progress and its current status.

What is a tracking number?

Universal tracking is made possible by a special Shipment ID or package tracking number, which is assigned to each parcel when you send it through any postal service. This number is the link between you and your package on the way.

Depending on the postal company you have chosen, as well as the international or domestic shipment, it may look different but still allows you to track any package:

  • RO123123123GB
  • LX55555
  • 15 000 000 00, etc.

Formats of track numbers

Despite the word "number," which is used by international package tracking, this code can consist of numbers, letters, hyphens, and spaces at the same time. Each courier company has developed its own standards for marking parcels. However, an increasing number of postal services use the international standard S10, according to which the parcel tracking number must consist of a 13-digit alphanumeric code. It includes letters designating service and a country providing it and numbers for the identification of the shipment, for example:

  • LA007070700AT
  • MZ123123123IE
  • VA400400004FR

How does a tracking number look like?

The tracking number, in accordance with the S10 standard, has one or two letters at the beginning of the 13-code, which indicate the courier company. The last two letters specify the country of dispatch of the parcel. The numbers in the middle are a unique code by which track shipment is possible.

However, if your package has a different number designation, it is also suitable for a track order. Here are some of the possible options that could be found in the majority of popular postal services:

1345 1345 5431
90 555 777 90

What is the waybill number?

When you request a "track my package" service, some websites may ask you for a waybill number to start shipment tracking. Don't be scared, it's the same as the tracking number, just called differently.

How to find your tracking number?

To start tracking parcel, find Shipment ID on any documents related to it:

If you ordered a product in an online store, it must be indicated in the order documents or in an email from the seller.

If you are waiting for a shipment from friends or relatives, check the tracking number with them.

If you are the sender, you can track any package tracking number specified on the receipt from the post office.

Frequently asked questions
Know about tracking package

What should I do to track a package without a tracking number?

A tracking package without a special tracking number is possible, although it will take longer. To do this, you need to contact the postal company and ask them for a "Track My Order" service. If you are the sender, you can ask the recipient to notify you of the timely delivery of the package. If for some reason, it did not arrive on time, you can also contact the courier service.

How to track an international package?

To track international package, it is best to use a universal service that has access to the route package tracking of all international postal companies. Our website allows you to find out about the movement of your package, regardless of which postal service you have used.

All information is sent to a special package tracking map, and it takes only a few seconds to locate your package.

How do I track my order?  

Tracking a package from an online store can be done directly from your account on the seller's website. To do this, you need to activate the "Track Package" function in relation to the order, the delivery of which you are expecting.

What is an order number? 

To identify the order of any consumer, it is awarded a special identification code by the seller. It is valid both before sending the parcel and after receiving it but is used only for communication between seller and consumer. That is why order tracking with parcel tracking service is impossible.

You can track order number only on the website of the company that issued it. And then only if the seller provides a service that allows checking order status for consumers. Share team inboxes

What does the order number look like? 

The order number looks very similar to the tracking number, so many people confuse them and try to track package with order number. However, with regard to the order number, there is more variety, because each seller can come up with their own order designation system and include in the code:

  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Hyphens
  • Other signs
  • Spaces

For example, on well-known marketplaces, you can often see order numbers in the following formats:

  • 111-2222222-3333333
  • PO 020423-0003
  • AZ_5454

How to track an order made in an online store?

In addition to using global parcel tracking websites like ours, you can try to track your package directly from your personal account in the online store. If you bought goods on Amazon , Shein, and other respectable marketplaces, this will not be difficult. Such online stores offer a free service for tracking the movement of goods. To take advantage of this offer, do the following:

  1. Log in to your personal account.
  2. Go to the Orders section and choose the one you are waiting for.
  3. Activate the package delivery tracking feature.
  4. If you want to receive real time notifications, add this option.

Is it possible to track a package with an order number?

Package track by the order number is impossible in most of the cases. However, some postal services allow such an option. To see if this applies to your case, visit the courier website and ask customer support via chat or phone number. Alternatively, you can simply type the order number into the search bar on their website and see if it returns any results.

If the courier service does not provide the option to search for the location of the parcel by order number, check with the seller for the tracking number of your product. After that, you can easily use our universal parcel tracking service to know the route of its progress.

How do I find my order number? 

If you want to use the "Tracking My Package" function on the website of the postal company, the order number can be obtained in various ways:

  • From the personal account on the online store website; 
  • From email correspondence with the seller;
  • From an SMS that is usually sent after processing the order to the client.

How long does package shipping take?

There are no uniform standards for the delivery of parcels since each postal service has different capabilities. Therefore, the delivery time must be checked with the seller of the goods or the courier service. If you want to speed up the process of receiving a package, you can use the following maneuvers:

  • Do not wait for courier delivery but specify pickup as a way to receive the package.
  • Order express air delivery

In the second case, parcels to any point in the United States from most countries of the world can be delivered in 3–7 days.

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