How to Track a Package Without a Tracking Number in the USA

While a tracking number is usually essential for monitoring a shipment, there are several methods to track a package without it.

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How to Track a Package in the USA Without a Tracking Number?

Tracking packages, shipments, or mail typically requires a tracking number, shipment code, or consignment note. However, if you've lost your tracking number, there are still ways to locate your package, albeit with more effort and alternative steps.

Finding the Package Using a Reference Number

Shipping companies often use a reference number for their deliveries. This number can be found on the package label, the invoice, or a receipt provided by the shipping company. Similar to a transaction number provided by banks, this reference number serves as proof of an existing package associated with your name.

Contacting the Sender

If you lack any documentation or proof of the pending package, contacting the sender is a common approach. Whether it's a company, individual, or organization, inform them that you don't have the shipping code. Although it might take some time, senders usually keep records of shipments, including the necessary information about your package.

Requesting Assistance from the Shipping Company

If the previous steps don't resolve your issue, the next step is to directly contact the shipping company. Explain your situation in detail, including the sender's name, destination address, and any other relevant information. However, keep in mind that without a tracking code, it might be challenging to obtain information about your package due to security measures.

Toxic, Infectious, or Contaminating Substances

These include:

  • Pesticides or insecticides
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Bacteria or viruses
  • Soil samples
  • Mercury compounds

Oxidizing Substances

  • Oxygen-generating chemicals
  • Bleaching powders
  • Peroxides

Contacting Major Transportation Companies: USPS, UPS, FedEx

When facing issues with package tracking, directly contacting the transportation companies can be a crucial step. Here's how you can reach out to some of the major carriers in the USA:

Each of these companies has a dedicated team to assist with shipping inquiries and issues. They can often track down a package using alternative details like the sender's or recipient's information, shipping dates, and reference numbers. It's advisable to have as much information as possible about your package when you contact them to facilitate the search process.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

The tracking id (tracking number) you will use for Delhivery AWB tracking is a 12-digit number featuring a unique combination. For instance: 123409876512. It is known as the Delhivery tracking no. or the Delhivery AWB Code for your Delhivery shipment.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

The Delhivery courier charges depend on multiple factors, including the volume of shipments, distance, weight, delivery speed, and any additional value-added services. You can create an account on the Delhivery platform and enter these details about the package to find the exact cost.


If the Delhivery tracking number is missing, you can track the Delhivery package using the registered phone number, waybill number, LRN number, and Delhivery order ID as well.

Patience and Waiting

If all other methods fail, your only option might be to wait for the package to arrive. In most cases, packages are not lost and will eventually reach their destination.

Remember that the efficiency and availability of these methods can vary depending on the shipping company's policies and the specific circumstances of your shipment.

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